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Hot Pink Torah empowers women through unlocking your sacred essence and supporting it with Jewish wisdom. It focused on the revelation of you -- your uniqueness and your Divine gifts.

Hot Pink Torah:

  • Extracts the best of the best of Judaism,

  • Shines light on the gems we possess within Jewish tradition

  • Strings them with the gems of our lives (the cultures, experiences, and passions that shape us)

  • And enhances and adorns all we do each day

It activates your ability to feel the Divine through the sway of your hips, while stirring caramelizing onions, and crafting a presentation. To make living a work of art and conscious creation the default of existence. 

It pays special tribute to the Divine feminine, our body's wisdom, and the creative expression of our unique genius.

Whatever your background, Hot Pink Torah embraces the beauty that touches your heart. It encourages you to add your spark to the pot rather than fragment yourself into pieces, when what you truly yearn for is wholeness.

Torah may be an expression of the revelation of Jewish tradition. 

Hot Pink Torah is the revelation of your authentic self, powerful, aligned, and embodied.

It requires you to show up, to be present, to expand, and to meet your highest self. 

That is what makes it so much fun!

When I first started teaching this, I knew it was powerful, but was unsure of what the specific outcomes for participants.

The results blow me away!

Here are just as sampling from participants of our online and in-person courses:

"My self-confidence has increased by 700%."

"Your course was the catalyst for huge leaps in my business and financial health."

"I feel radiant and now see opportunities for abundance everywhere I look."

"I used to have a love-hate relationship with my body, but now I feel amazing in my own skin and love my body."

AND...a sense of relief that their Jewish heratige, which wasn't truly speaking to them before (and brought up feelings of fear, guilt and shame) actually provided real-life wisdom that amplified their ability to feel loved, supported, and celebrated.  


*sacred women's gatherings and workshops

*online courses on the Divine Feminine

*guest-presenting and facilitating programs for your community